Welcome to Direct Organics.

Our Management Team:
General Manager: Tree Wills
Office Manager: Kim Aubert
Accounting: Michaela Horak
Food Safe Officer: Amy Sharp

About the Direct Organics owners:

Heart Achers

Heart Achers Farm is a 40 year old family farm that was established as a 5 acre farm in 1975 by Ron & Andrea Schneider. In 1984 they purchased 5 more acres which was the beginning of an expansion that has seen the farm grow from it’s original 5 acres to it’s current 25 acres. Ron & Andrea pride themselves as pioneering organic farmers, they have never applied any type of herbicide or pesticide to any part of the land since they’ve owned the farm. Last year their son Joseph inherited part of the farm and now has his own 5 acre home plot called Back Achers Farm. Heart Achers & Back Achers are mixed tree fruit orchards that produces everything from cherries to late apples. Ron has concentrated on growing heritage apple varieties including many old hard cider
types. He grows several varieties of each type of fruit hence is able to supply
the market the entire growing season. All the fruit grown on the farm is shipped to market through Direct Organics Plus.

Abbott Acres

is a 15 acre family farm owned by Ted & Tammi Abbott. Certified organic since 1988, Abbott Acres grows apricots, peaches, nectarines, asian pears, bosc pears, and 10 varieties of apples. When becoming organic farmers Ted and Tammi identified a need for a co-op style company to market and sell organic produce from the valley. Together with Ron Schneider and Andrea Turner they built a storage facility in Cawston B.C. to address the lack of a dedicated storage, packing, and marketing facility from which to sell and ship organic fruits and vegetables.