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Month: August 2018

Mid season peaches are packed.

We just finished packing the last of our Glowhaven peaches today. The late season peaches will be here soon.

A Pear Story

This morning our grower Jo Schneider brought in “Red Clappertons Favorite” pears. Some of these pears where the largest pears I’ve ever seen. Normally we try to grow them smaller then this for market but due to the circumstances of the season these ended up very large.

Snowy Mountian Fire

Updated: Aug 7th 2018

Thanks to the great work of fire fighters things are much calmer now. There is still fire in the mountains and it will take a lot of work but local homes do not appear to be in imminent danger.

August 3rd 2018

A crazy night of evacuation and fire last night. Looks much more caml this morning.

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