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The 2018 fruit season

The 2018 fruit season is almost upon us. Only a couple short weeks and we will be starting cherries.


The air quality is a little rough here with the local fires burning in the mountains.

Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been evacuated and hope they’re able to return to their homes soon.

Flemish Pears

   Flemish Pears are being packed down stairs as I write this. I don’t expect them to be in storage too long before they are off to meet customers.

The beginning of the free stones!

Well semi free stone anyway. Red Haven and Harbrite peaches are the first peaches to come free from the pit “when ripe”. The first true freestone peaches that we have are Glow Haven but those won’t be ready for just over another week.

Santa Rosa Plums

The Santa Rosa Plums are in, these ones are just waiting to be sorted and packed. 

Cherry Crush

Oops! A bucket of freshly picked cherries was placed behind the tractor…

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