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Fall Fuji are just about to start.

Fuji apples are about to start next week. We have has September Fuji since early September but now the late storage apples are starting to arrive.

Left: September Fuji. Right: Fuji

Gala First Pick

The Gala Apples are ready for there first pick.

Late Italian Prune Plums

The late Italian Prune Plums are just about to start in Cawston. They will be picked this week and hopefully off to be enjoyed.

Free stone Peaches are here!

The free stone peach season is officially apon us. All the peaches from now in this season are free stone. Starting with the Red Haven and soon the Glo Havens.

Apricot season over…

South Okanagan apricot season is finished for the 2019.

It came and went so quickly.

Here looking forward to free stone Peaches starting next week!

Choices Market removes 500ml watter bottles

Choices Market has decided to stop selling 500ml bottles of watter in effort to reduce single use plastics.

Summer hail storm.

The talk of the town is the hail storm that came through the area yesterday. So farm ost of are farms that have checked in are ok but many orchards did not fair as well.


Gala and Fuji

The season is definitly winding down and the varieties that we have available are becoming fewer and fewer as the days and get colder.

Pear Bear

A ripe Pear that some one took a little creativity to.

Mid season peaches are packed.

We just finished packing the last of our Glowhaven peaches today. The late season peaches will be here soon.

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